How much electricity is sold each year ?

50TWh , 100TWh or 500TWh ?


Achieve climate relief.

Please provide clean electricity to the government.


Most Powerful Gigafactory

Build you power plant all over the world.


The contract guarantees that your electricity needs will be met.

In addition to self-use, it can also be sold across the border.


The construction period of the power plant is 36 months.

( After the fundation work is completed, the calculation begins. )


It only needs to provide the site and capital for the construction pf the factory.

Key power generation equipment, consumables supply and recovery, and equipment maintenace, provided by




Most Powerful Gigafactory


It can generate electricity 24 hours without interruption, not affected by climate, and does not need energy storage system.

Make you a good partner in selling clean electricity and meeting the government's electricity needs.


In 2023, the global layout of the internation order will be changed.